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Touched by Angels by Alan Watts – the ideal readers' group choice for 2012

Touched by Angels is the story of an extraordinary woman living in early Twentieth Century London with her young son and a booze-loving, abusive husband. Confronted with a demanding landlord, one of the mighty King brothers, and unable to keep up with the payments, Lil, Bob and nine-year-old Robert face the prospect of losing their home and living in the infamous Marylebone workhouse. Until Robert accidently kills the landlord. When her husband is hanged for it, Lil doesn't batter an eyelid and guilt is not something she would sacrifice her son for. The massive fortune she gets hold of in the process helps too.

Now the most wanted criminals in the country, Lil knows that they need to leave England as a matter of life and death. So on the 10th of April 1912, they leave Southampton, embarking on a liner to New York.

Rescued from the disaster, but having lost their fortune to a thief, they end up in the seedy neighbourhoods of New York, where they start tracing the suitcase down.

Your reading group will love Touched by Angels because it is a hugely intense and enjoyable read. It combines the setting of an extremely vivid and atmospheric pre-WWI industrial London, complete with smoggy mornings in the thumping of the factories at Wapping and West India Docks, with the desperate hopes and aspirations of the people living in those times. Lil is a strong and clever woman and the way she manages to keep readers' empathy, despite the fact that she allows her husband to be hanged for a crime he didn't commit, is astounding.

Readers will find Touched by Angels controversial, intense, enthralling; it will get people talking. Plus, it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, giving you a further reason to make it one of your group's choices for 2012. The paperback comes with a reading group guide and you can read some questions and answers with the author on Alan Watts' page.

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